Russell Brand Defends Justin Bieber And His Racist Videos

Russell Brand Defends Justin Bieber And His Racist Videos

Justin Bieber ’s racist video has offended lots of people over the last week but one person who has defended the young singer is Russell Brand .

Russel who uploads daily Youtube videos of him talking about the news and things like that has said that he feels that it was too long ago to be in the news.

Russel said:

‘It was ages ago when he used to have that haircut. You can’t do him for stuff he [has] done when he had that haircut.’

‘Unless we’re going to explicitly say the role of celebrities is we’re going to make them really, really famous and then we’re going to destroy them and rip them up in a public square with fish hooks, which, you know as long as you don’t get round to me, I’m not against.

‘But we might as well own up to it if that is what we’re up to, otherwise just let him off. Of course it’s wrong to say the “N-word”, but he’s a child.’

We just hope he doesn’t say the word again because then we don’t think people would be very supportive.

Russel is a big fan of Bieber because remember when he was with Katy Perry , Russell tweeted that him and Katy wanted to adopt the pint side singer.

Check out the video below.

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Updated: 9th June 2014 — 8:21 AM

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