Monkey Life Ask For Donations To Film Six New Episodes!

As we have told you before Animal Planet have said that they do not have a slot to air the new Monkey Life series.

So now Primate Planet Production are trying to make the series themselves but they need your help and a few donations to pay for the new series.

PPP need £197,000 to film six more episode to complete the series and we are asking you to give what you can to make this fantastic series.

But the good thing is you don’t go empty handed f you donate!

Gifs sich as posters,t-shirts-first look at the new series, access to their blog for exclusive photo and even the chance to help film the new series.

If you want more info please take the time to click the video above and remember donate what you can.

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Updated: 12th June 2014 — 4:36 PM

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