Kerry Katona’s Fiance George Kay ‘Detained Under The Mental Health Act’

Kerry Katona’s Fiance George Kay ‘Detained Under The Mental Health Act'

Kerry Katona’s fiancé George Kay has been detained and has been placed under the mental health act after he was found running in and out of cars at the pairs shared home saying that someone was going to kill him!

A squad of Thames Valley Police arrived at their home after a woman motorist called the police because she was concerned about his behaviour.

After a ambulance was called and took him to the local hospital.

One of the pairs neighbours has spoken to sources and said:

‘It looked like he had been taking something like cocaine or ecstasy I think. He was behaving very strangely – actually it was quite frightening.

‘A woman who was driving down the road was so upset by what he was doing that she stopped and dialled 999 for the police.

‘It all happened at about 6pm on Wednesday evening and the police were here very quickly. It took quite a few of them to restrain him,’ said the woman neighbour.

‘Then an ambulance arrived and the policemen climbed into the back with their prisoner and off they went. It was quite an unusual spectacle.’

Nothing has been confirmed by Kerry or her management team!

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