Day: August 8, 2015

Miley Cyrus Has Bad Blood With Taylor Swift

Miley Cyrus Has Bad Blood With Taylor Swift

It seems Miley Cyrus might have some bad blood with Taylor Swift! Miley has said that she is not happy with people bashing her for being sexually confident when  Swift’s revenge-filled video blood bath Bad Blood gets praised. Miley spoke recently and said: “I don’t get the violence revenge thing,” she told Marie Claire after being asked about the video that’s widely believed to be aimed at Katy…

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Katie Price Has To Leave The Country Becuase Of Revelations In New Autobiography

Katie Price Has To Leave The Country Becuase Of Revelations In New Autobiography

According to sources Katie Price might have to leave the country becasue of some new revelations in her autobiography. Katie who is about to relese her latiest autobiography in October has shined the light on her previously-unknown relationships – including one with a “world-famous” A-list star. Katie said to the Daily Mail: “I think people are always shocked by what’s happened to me. My next…

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   Kim Kardashian has shared a photo of both of her parents together for the first time since Bruce Jenner announced he was to become Caitlyn Jenner. In the photo Kim is taking her usual selfie with Kris Jenner in the middle and Caitlyn at the side. Along with the photo she said: ‘The parent trap’ This is the first time Kris and Caitlyn have been photographed together since the transition. The…

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