Day: September 29, 2015

Kim Kardashian’s Due Date Christmas Day??

Kim Kardashian’s Due Date Christmas Day??

It’s been annouced today that Kim Kardashian is set to give birth on Christmas day! Yes you did read that correctly. The queen of realtiy is expecting their son to be born on the same day as Jesus was so it’s looking like Kanye West and Kim K have a big Christmas ahead. According to reports the date was chosen by doctors as a potential birth date as it coincides with the time the bun cooking in…

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Helen Woon Campaires Emma Willis To Hitler!

Helen Woon Campaires Emma Willis To Hitler!

Helen Wood doesnt have a nice word to say about anyone apart from herself but now she has decided to hit out at Big Brother host Emma Wilis. Helen has now compained Emma to Hitler while she was talking about Sherrie Hewson’s exitf from the house. Thankfuly Helen was just talking about how Emma was dressed for the show and not her attitude. Writing in her collum in a news outlet Wood said:…

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Jeremy Kyle’s Wife Had Affair With England Polo Player In America

Jeremy Kyle’s Wife Had Affair With England Polo Player In America

Last week we told you about Jeremy Kyle and how he had split from his wife after 14 years together! Well now the reason behind the split was because Carla Germaine,Kyle’s wife had an affair with with polo player James Carr after they swapped numbers during a night out at Bar One in their home town of Ascot, Berkshire, in March this year. Carla and James swapped a few saucy messages and…

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