Day: September 10, 2016

Chloe Ferry Causes Trouble In Hotel Room As Staff Forced To Intervene

Chloe Ferry is known for her parting ways on Geordie Shore but now it has started to affect people Sharing the same hotel as her.

Last night Chloe was doing a PA at a club and she decided to bring her friends along with her. 

In the early hours of Saturday morning Chloe and her friend and her friends where making so much misuse one of the staff had to tell he to turn the noise down.

Chloe snap chatted the Moment and during the clip the man doesn’t look happy with the girls.

We personally think chloemis parting too hard. 

What do You think?

Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Are All Smiles Just A Day After Rob Unfollowed Everyone On Instagram 

Alarm bells started ringing last night after Rob Kardashian unfollowed everyone including his family on Instagram.

Now Blac Chyna  has shared a super cute selfies on Inatagram showing the pair on a date night.

Rob and Blac look super cute in the pic and Blac admits they where on a date night.

Then taking to his Instagram account Rob shared a photo too.

We are so glad that they are ok Becuase with the baby being due soon this wouldn’t be good. 

Are Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney About To Get Back Together??

As we told you yesterday Lady Gaga dropped her new single Perfect Illusion and when you listen to the Lyrics it sounds like Gaga is talking about their relationship breaking up. 

Now sources have been saying that the pair might be making Small steps to get back together. 

A source has reported:

“It was a very intense, emotional relationship…Maybe she had some things she needed to get out of her system. But there’s still a chance they may find their way back to each other.”

Then the source went on to say that they aren’t just talking about getting back on track they are taking the steps:

“They’ve been talking. Everyone around them has been saying,”‘Never say never.'”

We really hope they sort things out Becuase they where together for five years and that’s a long time just to throw away. 

We are keeping everything crossed for them. 

Katie Price’s Children Turn Down Jobs Becuase They Are Too Low Pay

Talk about little divas.

Katie Price has announced that her kids Princess and Junior are turning down modeling and TV jobs Becuase they are too “low pay”.

The former glamour model reviled this during a Facebook live chat what she was doing Friday night.

During the live streamed video Katie said:

“Wait till you see what Princess has coming out next year,” “They have got stuff. They are like a little brand themselves. They will be doing books.”

Katie the. Said that she has refused jobs for her children due to low pay:

“Someone the other day said they want them to model their clothes and stuff, so I said ‘How much are you offering?’ and they gave me a figure and I was like ‘No she doesn’t go out for that fee’.

She then said:

“I said to Princess ‘Do you want to do it, they’re only offering that amount’ and she said ‘No’ because she knows what she can get – she’s good already.”

The presenter doing the live chat then asked Katie what the price was and she refused to answer.

What divas.

Katie Price To Adopt Her Sixth Child!

She’s already got five beautiful children but now it seems Katie Price wants more.

During a live Facebook chat Friday night the former glamour model said that she will be adopting her six child.

During the chat Katie admitted that she as already started the legal proceedings to adopt a child.

She said:

‘I feel like I don’t want any myself physically, I feel like a baby machine. I’ve always said I’d love to adopt and I feel this is the right child now to do it.’

She continued:

I’m just waiting to be interviewed by the adoption agency.’

Wow another baby for Katie.

She is a good mother what anyone says so we say good for her.

Claudia Winkleman Admits She Will Never Stop Wearing Eyeliner Even Though The Public Hate It

She’s just as famous enough for her eyeliner as she is her TV presenting but now Claudia Winkleman has hit out at critics who want her to change her eye makeup.

Claudia presents Stricly Come Dancing and viewers too the show often air their views on her eyeliner saying that she has it “too dark” and “too much” but she’s not going to change her ways.

Talking recently to the Sun she admitted:

‘I have a huge fringe and I wear enough eyeliner to kill a clown. I mean, a lot of people find it repellent, but I’m too old to start changing.’

To be fair we do t think she should change her ways.

If she likes the eye makeup then who are we to tell her to take it off?