Are Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney About To Get Back Together??

As we told you yesterday Lady Gaga dropped her new single Perfect Illusion and when you listen to the Lyrics it sounds like Gaga is talking about their relationship breaking up. 

Now sources have been saying that the pair might be making Small steps to get back together. 

A source has reported:

“It was a very intense, emotional relationship…Maybe she had some things she needed to get out of her system. But there’s still a chance they may find their way back to each other.”

Then the source went on to say that they aren’t just talking about getting back on track they are taking the steps:

“They’ve been talking. Everyone around them has been saying,”‘Never say never.'”

We really hope they sort things out Becuase they where together for five years and that’s a long time just to throw away. 

We are keeping everything crossed for them. 

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