John Newman Admits He Felt ‘Relieved When He Was Told That His Brain Tumour Was Back


Hering that you have a brain tumor must be the worse news in the world but it wasn’t for singer John Newman!

John has been talking recently and admitted that he felt ‘relieved’ when doctors diagnosed him saying that the tumor had returned.

Talking to the Mirror recently, John said:

“I want to headline at ­Glastonbury and be around for a long time, I want my music to have longevity.

“So when I start radiotherapy at the start of next year I’ll need something to focus my mind on throughout the course and I want it to be my music.”

The last time John had a brain tumor surgeons removed it though his nose also they had to drill his skull but had to be very careful because of his main arteries and spinal cord.

We are glad that he’s on the mean now and we wish him good health.

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