Lip Filler Addict Tell’s E4’S Body Fixers That He Drips BLOOD!!

Body Fixers, starts Tuesday 13th September, 9pm on E4’,

A lip filler addict has admitted that his addiction made his lips drip with blood and puss after botched treatment.

Henry appears on E4’s Body Fixers this Tuesday tells the story about his lips after he got hooked on having them injected with fillers.

Talking on the show Makeup artist Henry said:

“I started having filler and it was the best thing I ever done. I loved it. They looked gorgeous.

He continued:

“I was getting so much attention with people saying ‘Your lips are goal.’

“I got a bit addicted and I was going every six weeks and my lips were getting bigger and bigger and it all went wrong.”

Then Henry talked about the time that he was buying a phone and his lip dripped with blood all over the phone shop counter – how embarrassing.

He said:

“One time I was buying a new phone and I could feel my lip starting to swell and then it started to leak and it went on the counter. I mean blood, pus, anything you can think of that the body can make literally came out of my lip.

“The sales assistant just stood there (gaping in shock).

“I need to be fixed because it’s ruining my life. I don’t know when my lips are about to explode.”

We just hope the body fixers can help Henry with his lips.
Body Fixers aires on E4 Tuesday at 10PM.

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