Caroline Flack Forced To Deny Using Drugs In New Instagram Snap!

Caroline Flack has came under fire from Instagram followers after she shared a photo of herself what look’s like she sitting in the bathroom in front of a dressing table.

On the dressing table a long white suspicious item lays what some people were saying it was a rolled up note.

Seeing all the comments Caroline hit out putting The record straight.

A friend of Caroline told Now Magazine:

 ‘Caroline uploaded that picture of herself. As soon as people started commenting and suggesting people were taking drugs

‘Despite the fact that the picture clearly shows a pen on the table, she panicked and started deleting the comments. Caroline is at a turning point in her career and she does not want to be associated with illegal drugs in any way.’

Then it was on Tuesday Caroline posted a zoomed in photo of the white object and said:

‘Thank god no one asked what I use the Vaseline for … MY LIPS PEOPLE ,MY LIPS’.

Then also uploading a pic of the children’s coloring pen that was in the picture.

Thank goodness for that she had us all wondering there just exactly what that item was.


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