Kendall Jenner Talks About Her Airport Food. Can you guess What Good she Like’s Eating Before Boarding A Flight?

Kendall Jenner has been talking about a very wired food obsessions  at airports.

The Burnett beauty had been blogging recently and admitted that’s she likes to eat Smoothies and Chinese food just before jumping onto a flight.

Writing on her blog Kendall said:

“I feel like everyone has their ‘airport traditions,’ and I definitely do! When I was younger, we would always take Kylie to Jamba Juice and I would get Panda Express. I still love it there, lol!”‘

Then Kendall started to talk about what she’s buys for the flight.

Most people buy magazines but no not Kendall as she said:

“I never buy magazines at the newsstand because I mostly sleep through flights, but I get Dream Water, Clif Bars (the only brand I liked, so I’ve just stuck with it), powdered doughnuts, yogurt-covered pretzels and Fig Newtons. Traveling is so annoying—why not indulge in some comforts?”

Wow she eats rubbish like that and still has an amazing body.

The super model diet for you ladies and gentleman.

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