Piers Morgan Shocks Good Morning Britian Views As He Tears New Five Pound Note Live On The Show

Piers Morgan has caused chaos again. 

This time it was a little more than chaos as he’s acually broken the law. 

Today in the uk the new plastic five pound note is released and to test the durability Puers decided to put it in the washing machine.

The Note came out fine and in his rage Piers decided to try his hayrides to rip it. 

At first he used his aha day but dialed so he them used his teeth and put a big tear down the middle.

A shocked co-host Susanna Reid shouted:

“I cannot believe you just did,” “I’m not sure if that’s even legal. We’ll have to look into it.”

Susanna isn’t the only one who was shocked as viewers to the show where too. 

We’ve looked into this and it is illigan to tear money on half. 

Piers you’re going to jail. 

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