This Morning In Talks To Air A Live Birth!


On ITV’s This Morning they have aire most things.

From fifty shades of grey toys, too a live smear test they have aired it all but the producers of the show are about to take it to a different level.

Reports have said that the producers of the show are in talks to see if they would be allowed to air the birth live on the show bearing in mind it’s a morning show.

Shows host a Holly Willoughby broke the news on the show as she introduce a new ‘maternity’ segment this autumn, and hopes to capture a women in labour on camera.

Talking Holly said:

‘We are doing a whole new maternity section

‘I am going on to a maternity ward and hopefully someone will let me speak to some women who are in labour to get a vibe of what it is like on a ward

Holly has also talked to sources and said that the birth will more than likely will happen on the show.

Wow daytime TV has changed so much.

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