Jodie Marsh Poses In Bed With Female Hunter To Promote TLC Documentary


Talking about sleeping with the enemy!

Jodie Marsh has shared a few snaps of her in bed with rival and female hunter Rachel Carrie to promote her new TLC documentary.

Last night Jodie aired her documentary about hunters and how her views are different to that of a hunter’s.

In the photos shared on Jodie’s Instagram she is in bed with Rachel looking very cosy.

Talking to the Daily Star Jodie talked about filming the doc as she said:

‘I wasn’t nervous at all,’

‘My opinion at the beginning was she’s a murderer, I’m going to hate her, she’s scum, what is wrong with her? I literally hated her, so I couldn’t wait to meet her because I was gunning for her.’

We are glad that they have become friends and we watched the documentary and thought that it was one of thr best documentaries Jodie has ever made.

It was good to see both sides of the story.

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