Marnie Simpson Says Gaz Beadle Will Cheat On New Girlfriend Emma McVey


He say’s he’s slept with more than 1,000 women but at the moment he only has eyes for one but how long will that last.

For the last few week’s Gaz Beadle has been dating Emma McVey but now his geordie Shore co-star Marnie Simpson has said that he will cheat on her.

Marie has know Gaz for a long time and seen just how many women he get through so she really is talking sense.

Most of Gaz’s girlfriends in the past he has ended up cheating on them so if we was Emma we would be really worried.

Writing in her column in the Star magazine she said:

‘Emma McVey loves a bad boy, doesn’t she? She’s gone from Mario Falcone to Gaz Beadle.

‘I don’t think there’s any way Gaz will stay faithful to her and I think she knows that deep down.

‘He might say he’s ready to settle down but he’ll never change. Emma is beautiful and far too good for him.’

We can see exactly where she’s coming from and agree with everything she says.

One a cheat always a cheat!

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