Ollie Locke Shows Off His Weight Loss After Suffering Dehydration

ollie-locke-shows-off-his-weight-loss-after-suffering-dehydration ollie-locke-shows-off-his-weight-loss-after-suffering-dehydration-2

His weight has gone down to serious levels all because of dehydration while filming a stint on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls .

Ollie Locke this morning has appeared on ITV’s Lorraine to talk about appearing on the adventure show and to talk about his mass amounts of weight loss.

Olie appeared on the show with Lydia Bright who also features on Celebrity Island and you could clearly see that Ollie has lost so much weight.

The photo above of Olly topless was shown on the screen in the studio this morning and Ollie commented saying:

“Wow, I mean my body there… When I left the island, that is what I looked like. I weighed just under nine stone.”

Wow he really has lost so much weight and it looks worrying to be fair.

We hope he’s ok.

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