Phillip Schofield Left ‘Furious’ With Parking Company After They Mistreated His Mother


Phillip Schofield has hit out at a parking firm after they mistreated his elderly mother.

The This Morning presenter said his mother was left deeply “upset” by attendants at AS Parking, who monitor her retirement complex Bredon Court in Newquay, Cornwall, after they slapped her friend with a £60 fine.

Talking to Newquay Voice he said:

“The attendant who dealt with my mother did upset her because of his lack of empathy and intransigence.

“He was certainly rude to her. He suggested that an 80-year-old woman should walk from her flat to the gate to let visitors in and give them a permit.

“We all understand the need for vigilance, but would also expect a level of sympathy and understanding for residents.

This comes after a number of people complained about AS parking so there must be something going on.

The fine was given to Pat just minutes after she entered the car park before her friend had the chance to display their parking sticker.

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