Sinitta Wants To Chat To Katie Price About Adopting Her Sixth Child!

Sinitta Wants To Chat To Katie Price About Adopting Her Sixth Child!

Sinitta has admitted that she would like to speak to Katie Price after she announced last week she is starting the legal progress to adopt her sixth child.

Sinitta admitted that adopting a child has changed her life for the better as she has adopted two children , Zac, 10, and Magdelena, 11, and it looking for support to help other children who need a home.

Talking recently to the Mirror the former girlfriend of Simon Cowell said:

“I think it’s amazing [she’s adopting]. I’d love to talk to her about it.

“If you love children and it’s something you want to do, I think everyone should consider it. There is a huge need in the UK. What a lovely way to expand a family.

She continued to say:

“My home study was quite candid, I basically put everything on the table. The things that I was worried about them knowing about me; my crazy teenage youth, mad things I’ve done .. I thought they didn’t sound like I’d be a good parent.

“But actually, they saw those as positivies. One, I was able to be honest about it all, and two, because I’d had those experiences, it meant I could help my child when they reached their teenage years, or went through the same thing.”

She hasn’t met up with their birth mother, but they agreed to keep in touch by writing to each other once a year.

We think that it would be good for Katie to meet up with someone who has adopted before so she can ask all the questions that she might have.

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