Tina Malone Has Until Her Next Birthday To Get Pregnant

Tina Malone Has Until Her Next Birthday To Get Pregnant

Actress Tina Malone has admitted that she want’s to be pregnant by the age of 53 but now she has been told that she can’t have any more children past 55!

But it’s not just the medics who are saying no more because Tina has to convince her toyboy husband that she will be ok with the pregnancy.

Tina sparked mayhem after she was given IVF at the age of 50 because she had lost nearly 11 stone so her body was in a better condition than it was when she was younger.

Tina has confessed:

“March is my cut-off point. If I’m not pregnant by then, I’ll have to leave it. I think, for me, over 55 is too old to have a baby.

“I’m 54 in January – but if someone else wanted to have IVF at 63, then whatever floats your boat.”

Malone then said that her and hubby need to make their minds up by February as she continued:

“We have to make a decision by February,”

“I would go for it in March if Paul gave me the OK in January. I could still cope with ­sleepless nights.

“You’re a long time dead and I pack into a day what most people do in a month.

She’s a braver woman than us.

Having a child isnt easy at any age so having one in your mid 50’s is even worse.

We will keep you posted on what Tina decides.

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