Adele To Take A Break From Touring For Ten Years!


Adele is currently on a massive worldwide Hello tour and it seem’s like if you want to see her live you need to catch her now!

The Sun has reported that Adele is going to be giving up global shows for the next TEN YEARS so she can be a full-time mum!

Apparently the Hello hit maker has told her friends that going to be spending lots of time with her son Angelo.

A insider says:

“Angelo is the number one priority for Adele. He is the most important thing in her life. She has brought him everywhere with her on tour but as he is starting school next year, he won’t be able to join her any more. Adele doesn’t want to miss a moment of Angelo growing up and it’s an easy decision for her to give up touring for him.”

But you may be thinking what about her music life.

Well that’s not going to be affected because she’s planning on performing a Las Vegas residency down the line that will go with her new life in the US and provide stability for her growing tyke.

The source continued to say:

“She is going to consider doing a Las Vegas residency — something which has already been put on the table. A regular Vegas show appeals to her because it is in one place and she would be able to maintain a normal life, but it won’t happen for a number of years.”

So basically she’s going to be doing a Britney Spears.

We are not that keen on Adele having such a big break but at the end of the day her son will start school within them ten years so maybe she will change her mind.

What do you think??

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