Girl Thought She Was Eating Peppered Chrisps When They Where Acually Covered In Ants!

Talk about yuck!

A girl was sitting

Down to eat a snack when she decocered that the chrisps where what she thought peppered but it was something more awful than that.

What she thought was pepper was acually ants all over the crips.

Teen girl Emily Wagoner went to the Pita Pit in Beaverton, Oregon and ate some Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips.

Emily shared the photo above to her Teitter page with the caption of:

“never go to pita pit ever OMFG literal dead ants all over my chips and I thought it was seasoning so I ate them”

Seeing robe tweet Pita Pita decided to message Emily and apologize.

The company only Offered Emily and $50 gift card!

Read the message they sent to her below.

Just shocking she deserves lots more than that.

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