Rylan Clark-Neal Was Banned From Interviewing Victoria Beckham For This Morning


He’s alway admitted on what a massive Spice Girls fan he was but now Rylan Clark-Neal was banned from interviewing Victoria Beckham for This Morning.

The producers of the show managed to get their hands on Victoria for an exclusive interview but they just didn’t want Rylan to interview her.

The producers kept him in the dark about the interview as he admitted he didn’t know nothing about them filming with Vicky B.

Talking on the show today Rylan said:

“What? Why wasn’t I told about this? Who went and spoke to her?”

Rylan really didn’t know nothing about the interview and was shocked to find out that she was interviewed by This Morning’s beauty producer Laura Bacchus.

According to ITV insiders, the show’s beauty department had secured the interview and so it was down to a member from that team to host it.

Poor Rylan.

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