Kris Jenner Speaks About Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna’s Relationship

What Kris Jenner doesn’t know about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s relationship isn’t worth arguing with.

Now Kris has been speaking to E! News about the ups and downs of Rob and Blac’s relationship and what we have seen on their reality show Rob & Blac

According yo Kris they are in a very good place but only as of last night lol. 

She said:

“They were [in a better place] last night! You never know with those two. They were in a good place last night and talking about the baby and stuff like that, it was great.”

Kris then said that with Rob being in a relationship now,baby on the way and being loved it really has helped him.

She continued:

“Ithink he’s in a relationship and he’s feeling loved and he’s expecting a baby and he’s got this new family unit that he’s a part of now, and I think every single thing that’s happened to him over the last year has been very significant in helping him overcome some of his challenges and adversities he’s gone through lately. But I think he’s in such a good place.”

Kris them admitted that she is really proud of Rob and all what he has been though:

“It’s wild. it’s been very exciting to see Rob on this journey. It really has… You know, he was in a place where he wasn’t feeling good about himself, and he didn’t really wanna get out and about, so this has really been life-changing for him, and obviously, as his mama, it’s been…I’m just happy he’s engaged in life again.”

We are so glad that he is in a good place now. 

It’s also lovely to see his mum so supportive. 

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