Day: September 17, 2016

Katie Price Admits She Wants A Threesom With 17-year-old X Factor Stars

Talk about cougar.

Katie Price has admitted that she wants to have a Threesom with two boys who appeared on X Factor tonight. 

The 38-year-old admitted this as she appeared on the X Factor after show Xtra Factor

Katie was talking about 17-year-old hopefuls The Brooks.

Host Rylan ClarkeNeil asked the panel:

 “Do you think the girls are going to fancy them?

Katie then said:

“Would you fancy them? I told them tonight, I said they’re so gorgeous, I’m backing them all the way.

“I guarantee they’ll be in the top ten.”

Other host of the show Matt Edmonson asked the boys if they liked Katie and they put their thumbs up.

Katie then shouted:


Ohh goodness Katie that’s awful they are old enough to be her children.

What do you think? 

Ola Jordan Annouces She’s Not Ready To Have A Baby Becuase She Can’t Give Up Sex

Wow talk about too much information.

Ola Jordan has gave out a little too much information about her sex life as she has announced that she’s not having children yet Becuase she just loves having sex too much.

Ola who’s been married to James Jordan for 13 years now has recently become the face of Ann Summers so her and James have been doing loads of interviews and of course the conversation has been about sex.

Ola admitted that her and James have “mind blowing sex” and they have a “sex draw” where all there toys are kept.

“Coming out of Strictly means I still want to enjoy my time with James.

“I’m at that age now where people expect you to be pregnant or have a child. People say, ‘Hurry up. You’re not getting any younger.’

Ahe comtinued:

“Every time we see my dad he says, ‘Where’s the baby?’ It’s not rude for people to ask us though, as we’ve been married for so long.

“We’ve been together 17 years and married for 13. It’s a long time. We’re best friends and we like spending time together. Even though we work together, we spend all of our free time together too.

Wow no wonder they both are the face of Ann Summers.

Ruth Langsfors Fotgets Her Wedding Anniversary Live On TV  

We wouldn’t wantBTo be on Ruth Langfords shoes right now. 

Today Ruth and her husband Eamonn Holmes where appearing on The Saturday Show To promote their new series How The Other Half Live.

During the appearance the pair took part in a quiz and that’s when it came u that it was acually their wedding anniversary. 

Ruth looked completely shocked as she forgot about their anniversary.

Asked to name the date, an embarrassed Ruth bent down and said “oh” as she struggled to remember.

Ruth then Burried her head in her hands, she span on the spot as Eamonn shouted:

 “You so don’t know! Shame on you.”

That’s the sort of thing a man would do lol. 

Poor Ruth she did look embarrassed and we wouldn’t want to be in her shoes when she got home with Eamonn lol. 

Bless her.  

New James Arthur: Listen To Say You Won’t Let Go HERE!!


He’s back!

As we told you yesterday James Arthur has been re-signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco as he has turned his life around.

Now James is back with a new single Say you wont let go and we have to say it’s an amazing new single.

If you haven’t listened to the single yet or watched the music video have a look below.


Khloe Kardashian ‘Confirms’ Romance With Tristan Thompson With A Miss On Snapchat


It seem’s Like Khloe Kardashian has confirmed her relationship with Tristan Thompson on Snapchat.

The reality star filmed herself having a steamy session with Tristan while she lovingly places her hands on either side of her companion’s face, as she leans in planting a number of kisses on his lips.

They look so cute together and if her snapchat the other day is anything to go by when she had what looked like a big love bite on her neck she must be in a good relationship.