Has Rob Kardashian Photoshopped Tyga Out Of This Rollercoaster Ride Photo??


Wow we could be talking major shade alert!

Rob Kardashian has shared a throwback photo on his Instagram tonight of him, Blac Chyna and sister Kim Kardashian on a rollercoaster ride but there is an empty seat.

Sources have been saying that Rob photoshopped Tyga out of the photo and it was him who was sitting in the empty seat.

At the time this photo was taken Tyga was dating Blac who Rob is now and she’s carrying his child so they wouldn’t have the best of relationships.

Sharing the photo Rob said:

“#throwback from 2013 Six Flags ,,, look at our faces lol 😂😂,,, me with @blacchyna and @kimkardashian 💙💙💙.”

We think that he did do something to the photo and it was edited?

What do you think??

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