Ola Jordan Annouces She’s Not Ready To Have A Baby Becuase She Can’t Give Up Sex

Wow talk about too much information.

Ola Jordan has gave out a little too much information about her sex life as she has announced that she’s not having children yet Becuase she just loves having sex too much.

Ola who’s been married to James Jordan for 13 years now has recently become the face of Ann Summers so her and James have been doing loads of interviews and of course the conversation has been about sex.

Ola admitted that her and James have “mind blowing sex” and they have a “sex draw” where all there toys are kept.

“Coming out of Strictly means I still want to enjoy my time with James.

“I’m at that age now where people expect you to be pregnant or have a child. People say, ‘Hurry up. You’re not getting any younger.’

Ahe comtinued:

“Every time we see my dad he says, ‘Where’s the baby?’ It’s not rude for people to ask us though, as we’ve been married for so long.

“We’ve been together 17 years and married for 13. It’s a long time. We’re best friends and we like spending time together. Even though we work together, we spend all of our free time together too.

Wow no wonder they both are the face of Ann Summers.

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