Ruth Langsfors Fotgets Her Wedding Anniversary Live On TV  

We wouldn’t wantBTo be on Ruth Langfords shoes right now. 

Today Ruth and her husband Eamonn Holmes where appearing on The Saturday Show To promote their new series How The Other Half Live.

During the appearance the pair took part in a quiz and that’s when it came u that it was acually their wedding anniversary. 

Ruth looked completely shocked as she forgot about their anniversary.

Asked to name the date, an embarrassed Ruth bent down and said “oh” as she struggled to remember.

Ruth then Burried her head in her hands, she span on the spot as Eamonn shouted:

 “You so don’t know! Shame on you.”

That’s the sort of thing a man would do lol. 

Poor Ruth she did look embarrassed and we wouldn’t want to be in her shoes when she got home with Eamonn lol. 

Bless her.  

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