Davina McCall Admits She Was A Mess When She Was Addicted To Heroin


Davina McCall has talked about the time that she was hooked on Heroin.

The TV presenter admitted that the worst part of her addiction was her being a ‘mess’.

Davina has recently spoke about her troubled with addiction, and revealed the shocking extent it got to before she finally battled her demons.

She said:

“The drink and drugs were getting serious – not just a party thing any more – and I was a mess.”

Davina had her friend Sarah to help her though her demons but she use to lie to her friend and say that she wasn’t on drugs but Sarah knew different.

Sarah said to her:

“I know you’re lying to me and I know you’ve been taking heroin.”

Then Davina said:

“I explained I knew she was right and I wanted to change. She forgave me and we had a massive cry. I went into the NA meeting that night and my life changed,”

It so nice to see that he has came out of the dark place that she was in to go on and be so successful.

Brave lady.

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