Did David Bowie Take His Own Life? 

Sources have been saying that David Bowie took his own life after his cancer diagnosis.

David who passed away at the start of this year kept his cancer diagnosis hush hush from the public eye and not many people knew that he was ill.

It’s now been claimed that David may have “staged-managed” causing questions around his death.

David had liver cancer and according to BBC Radio 1 DJ Andy Peeble he has said that Bowie may have had a hand in ending his own life.

Andy said:

“Seemingly David Bowie stage-managed his own demise”

He then continued to talk about the music and said that it was a bit surapishous that David related two two singles so closely together and one of the biggest albums of his career just weeks before his death.

Andy then said that he is not the only one who thinks David took his own life as he continued to say:

“It has been suggested to me in quite a number of phone calls that his death was the result of assisted suicide. Who might have assisted him, and exactly how they did so, we will never know. To protect them, I am sure he won’t have involved his family or his close friends.”

When you think about it it does all add up now that he relied that new music and then hair days after he had passed away.

Remember nothing has been coroners about this yet but let us know what you think?

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