Katie Price Hits Out After Son Junior’s Instagram Is Deleted By Instagram


Katie Price is not happy at all.

A couple of week’s ago Katie Price allowed her son and daughter, Junior, 11, and Princess, nine, have an Instagram account.

Then last week their accounts just disappeared and people were speculating that Katie took their accounts down due to the children’s father Pete Andre not liking them on social media.

Now it’s been announced that Instagram took their accounts down due to them being under age.

The age to be on the site is 13 and over and because both children are under age Instagram have taken Juniors account down again!

Katie has hit out tonight asking why have the social media site taken her son’s account down.

Katie spoke to The Sun and said that her kids where both left feeling upset by the decision to remove their accounts from the photo-sharing website following a string of complaints.

Katie said:

‘They’ve been taken down again because people keep complaining. I’m running the accounts, all of Junior’s friends have Instagram,’ she revealed.

‘He’s sad because he feels left out because pathetic people keep reporting his profile.

‘Why do they care? What’s he doing that’s so offensive to them?’

At the end of the day they are too young to be on the sites.

Even though Katie is saying that she is running them they still are under the name sof her children and have photos of them on there too.

There really isnt nothing she can do.

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