X Factor Viewers Just Can’t Take Their Eyes Off Dermot O’Leary’s Large Bulge

x-factor-viewers-just-cant-take-their-eyes-off-dermot-olearys-large-bulge x-factor-viewers-just-cant-take-their-eyes-off-dermot-olearys-large-bulge-2

It’s back

Dermot O’leary every year is the talk of X Factor with his large bulge that is often on show due to him wearing such tight trousers but tonight it really was on show.

The TV presenter returned this year after last year Simon Cowell replaced him but it’s clear that he brought the bulge to the table once again.

At the start of the show tonight Dermot had fitted grey t-shirt and beige trousers but it didn’t take long before people began to wonder what the presenter “was hiding”.

One viewer took to Twitter to say:

“excuse me but Dermot O’Leary’s bulge in them white pants is cheering me right up”

Another said:

“Dermot and those tight cream pants sweet baby Jesus”

Maybe he had some socks tucked down there or something to make him look larger.

Or he just has a big willy lol.

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