Katie Price Superfan Spent £40,000 To Look Like His Idol Appears On Loose Women

Katie Price Superfan Spent £40,000 To Look Like His Idol Appears On Loose Women

Talk about loving your idol.

Katie Price has came face to face today with the man who spend £40,000 to look like her.

Both appearing on Loose Women today Nathan Thursfield, 20, looked amazed as she sat next to his idol.

Nathan has racked up £20,000 of debt, and he’s still not happy with how he looks, and has a 70% chance of his nose falling off if he has another operation because of the amount that he has had!

The pair have meet many times before as it was talking to Katie in 2007 when Nathan decided he wanted to look like the former glamour model.

Talking on the show today Nathan said:

“It all started when I was watching her on reality TV shows. She was still called Jordan then and I was really fascinated by her so it all started from there really.”

He continued:

“I’d see where she was doing a book signing or something and I’d get my mum to buy me a new outfit and we’d go down to meet her.”

Then Nathan was asked about what he has had done and he replied:

“I’ve had loads. Two nose jobs, chin filler, cheek filler, Botox, teeth, tanning, vampire facials, everything.”

So he really is taking it to the extreme.

Katie then started to say:

“You look perfect, you’re good looking, I’d rather look like you. I’m telling you, you look gorgeous!”

It’s a shame that he had to get himself in to massive amounts of debt but if he’s happy then who are we to judge?

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