Jodie Marsh Slammes Phillip Schofield And Holly Willoughby During Facebook Live Chat

She slammed them again!

Jodie Marsh has hit out at Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby during a Facebook live chat!

The feud started when Jodie appeared on ITVs This Morning to talk about IVF treatment back in July.

During the interview Jodie has lipstick on her teeth for all of the Internet view and wasn’t happy that Holly or Phill never told her until after the interview.

During the live Facebook video one viewer asked Jodie if she would appear on This Motning again after lipstick gate last time.

Jodie replied and said that she was asked to appear on the show to promote her new documented on TLC but she said not unless she was on there without Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford hosting.

Jodie said:

“They asked me back on to promote my hunting show and i said yes but i would only go on with Eamonn and Ruth.”

Shen then lent into the camera and whispered:

“No with those other two”

Meaning Phill and Holly

Jodie then said:

“Eamonn and Ruth have been lovely to me in the past.”

The she gave one final digg:

“There’s a couple of people on there that i dont like too much or get on with”

Wow the lipstick gate goes on!

It’s a shame that Jodie took so much offence to that appearance on This Morning it look’s like we wont be seeing Jodie on this morning with Phillip and Holly anytime soon.


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