Amy Childs Talks About How She Regrets Having Cosmetic Procedures!


Since she shot to fame on The Only Way Is Essex Amy Childs has had so much cosmetic surgery and now it seem she regrets it.

From lip fillers to breast augmentation to we don’t even know Any has had it all and now she has admitted that it has ruined her confidence.

Opening up to Star magazine she said:

‘I used to look in the mirror and think, “Oh my God, I don’t even look life myself any more.”‘

It’s ok having surgery but sometimes it does go wrong and this is what happened to Amy when she had her boobs done.

Amy then said:

“I’ve had really bad experiences with my boobs. They have really dropped, which doctors didn’t tell me would happen when I got them done…I’ll have to get an uplift because of that – which means going under the knife again.’

Now Amy has admitted that she has stopped having procedures to her body as she continued to say:

‘I haven’t touched lip fillers in nine months. I like big lips and I get offered fillers all the time for free but my lips have calmed down a lot now and I like that look.’

It’s good that she has stopped having so much done.

We think it’s something that you just have to grow out of because when you’re surrounded by lots of people all having things done you start to want it!

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