Holly Willoughby Nearly Spills Smoothie Out Of Her Nose After She Gets Competitive With Phillip Schofield

holly-willoughby-nearly-spills-smoothie-out-of-her-nose-after-she-gets-competitive-with-phillip-schofield holly-willoughby-nearly-spills-smoothie-out-of-her-nose-after-she-gets-competitive-with-phillip-schofield-2

Wow she really is competitive!

Today Holly Willoughby has had an accident with a glass of smoothie.

The TV presenter was taking part during a segment on This Morning with her co-hot Phillip Schofield when they both had to ride bikes to mix the smoothie in a blender that was attached to the bike.

Phillip jumped on the bike first but not wanting to lose Holly ran across the studio to get on her bike to start the smoothie process.

Phill shouted out:

“You are so competitive!”

They both then got off the bike and decided to test the smoothies that they made.

Holly drake the drink but choked as she thought the smoothie was going to come out of her nose.

Miss Willoughby then admitted that she gave the point to Phill and let him win after he smoothie didn’t taste the best.

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