Phillip Schofield Tells Holly Willoughby To Inject Him In The Bum As They Film Segment On This Morning Involving Bee’s What He’s Allergic Too

phillip-schofield-tells-holly-willoughby-to-inject-him-in-the-bum-as-they-film-segment-on-this-morning-involving-bees-what-hes-allergic-too phillip-schofield-tells-holly-willoughby-to-inject-him-in-the-bum-as-they-film-segment-on-this-morning-involving-bees-what-hes-allergic-too-2

Phillip Schofield was very brave today on ITV’s This Morning!

The TV presenter who is very allergic to the sting of a bee was filming a segment with his co-host Holly Willoughby on honey and bees so he had to have his epipen with him at all times.

Pointing out what would have to happen if he got stung to Holly he said:

‘You’ll have to inject me in the…’

He then pointed to his bottom.

He then continued:

‘I can’t do it myself if I have a reaction,”Just promise me one thing, you won’t do it on tele.’

Thankfully there was a paramedic on hand if anything went wrong.

Thank Goodness he didnt get stung and the paramedic wasn’t needed!

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