Liam Payne Sparks Solo Album Rumors!

Liam Payne Sparks Solo Album Rumors!

One Direction are currently on a break or as they call it hiatus and have been for a few months now but it seems like we might be hearing solo much from one of them.

It’s been rumored that Liam Payne is about to drop a solo album!

It was when Zayn Malik left the band and there other boys of 1D saw the success that it brought him Liam, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles have been teasing their individual passion projects.

A fan tweeted:

Liam is ’bout to drop that rnb album

You may be thinking that any fan could tweet this and it not to be true but the thing that confirmed it was Liam liked the tweet on his verified account!!!!

If this is true and he becomes solo this means that One direction will only have one member, Louis Tomlinson.

How would you feel if Liam dropped a solo album?

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