Scotty T Announces Relationship With Francesca Toole And She’s The ‘Real Deal’

Scotty T Annouces Relationship With Francesca Toole And She's The 'Real Deal'

Is she the one??

Scotty T has confirmed his relationship with Francesca Toole by sharing a super cute selfie in Instagram.

The Geordie Shore bad boy admitted that it’s a real deal and he really likes her.

Scotty took to his Instagram to share the photo above with the caption of:

“Missing the other half.”

Then he recently wrote in the Daily Star he said:

 “People ask me about my relationship status, and posting a picture of Fran on Instagram is about as official as it gets for me, so yep, she is a winner and puts up with the banter I have on Twitter as she gets that it’s just bants.

They are cute and maybe she’s the one that can tame his bad boy ways.


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