Katie Price’s Boobs Cause Her Top Too Split On This Morning Live Video

She’s had boob job after boob job but now it seems they are so large that Katie Price is litally breaking out of her tops.

The former glamour model showed off the massive hole in her top during a Facebook live video just after her interview on This Morning.

Price lifted her her right arm to show gaping whole in her arm pit.
Lifting her arm Katie shouted ‘peekaboo’.

Explaining what happened while sitting beside a smirking Eamonn, 56, Katie said: 

‘It’s because my boobs are so big… luckily there’s a ruffle here, and I remember sitting here before we went live and I heard crrrrr, and I thought, ‘Oh my God! Is my boob hanging out?’

Ohh my goodness this must e so awful that when she wears clothes they rib because the size of her boobs.

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