Nick Jonas Admits Having Sex Helps Him Make Music! 

 Want to know how to make good music?? 

Just ask Nick Jonas and his answer will be sex!

The pop hunk has admitted that having sex makes him create better music and since the day that he popped his Cherry he has just been getting better and better!

He told Metro’s Guilty Pleasures: 

“Any time I approach writing a song I think about the fact that since I started having sex my creative life changed dramatically, and my ability to write a song with more genuine depth, more reality.”

Nick added: 

“Sexuality is important as an artist, to embrace and use it as ammunition in your creative life, and understanding that part of your life and how it makes you feel.”

So there you have it just take note from Nick.

He’s had some famous ex’s like Selena Gomez and Miley Cryus so he should know. 

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