Great British Bake Off Bosses Want Taylor Swift To Replace Mel & Sue!


Wow they must have a lot of money!

With the news that Mel and Sue backed down as host of Great British Bake Off the bosses are now looking for new hosts.

Now reports are saying that the bosses of the show are thinking about having Taylor Swift as the host!

Tylor is no stranger to cooking and baking as she often shared Images  on social media of cakes and items that she has baked.

A source has reported to the daily star:

“Taylor loves Bake Off, adores Mary and Paul Hollywood and has connections to the producers.

“If they got her on board it would make it an international hit with huge appeal to the broadcasters, especially in the United States.”

An insider has said:

“Landing Taylor will take a huge pay cheque, but the stakes are so high a few million more won’t make a difference.”

Wow this would be something to watch could you imagine all the people tune in if they had Taylor hosting.

The trouble is Taylor might just be a tad too busy.

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