Snapchat Is Now Selling Sunglasses!!


Wow we soooo want a pair.

With the technical world we live in today Snapchat have decided to take it to another level.

The photo sharing site have decided to create their own Sunglasses and you can take snaps and videos with!

Yes you did read that correctly!

The company — which is changing its name to Snap, Inc will be selling hardware that create picture and video messaging app!

It was on Friday that Snapchat will start to sell the product called Spectacles, what is a pair of sunglasses with a camera on them that will allow video and photos to be recorded.

Everytime you press the button on the glasses they record video and take photos to share to your story and send to your friends.

The glasses are priced at $129.99, so aren’t the cheapest things in the world but they will be worth it because you will never miss out on recording or snapping anything ever again.

Miranda Kerr beau has been advertising the glasses as you can see below.

Ohh my goodness we are super excited about these and want a pair so bad!

Dont forget to check out the glassed below in the video.


So proud of my love ❤️😎❤️#spectacles #snap

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