Day: September 25, 2016

Rylan Clark-Neal Forced To Apologise After ‘Technical Blonder’


Embarrassing moment for Rylan Clark-Neal tonight on the Xtra Factor!

Just after the main show ended Rylan was announcing the news that Honey G would be returning to the talent show , when some viewers lost the picture!

Explaining to viewers Rylan joked:

“Before we move on, we have just been told… I’m so sorry if you lost your picture during the last part… don’t worry Simon will sack them.”

Then his co-host Matt Edmondson said:

“Don’t get a new telly.”

Ohh goodness no dont go out and buy a new TV.


Hollyoaks Actor Charlie Clapham Photographed Snorting White Powder In New Video!

Hollyoaks actor Charlie Clapham has been filmed snoring white powder in new online video!

Charlie who plays Freddie Roscoe in the popular soap allegedly invited friends back to his hotel room for an all night party after a public appearance Zinc Bar in Taunton, Somerse.

The clip what had end sold to The Sun shows Charlie bending over at a table sniffing white powder wearing a baseball cap and a black shirt.

A female was also spotted in the background of the video laying on a bed.

The friends at the party have told The Sun:

“There must have been about four boxes of canisters for balloons. They were all doing balloons and just laughing and being silly”

It’s been said that Charlie spent the night in the VIP area of the club surrounded by vodka and champagne.

Charlie it his management have not spoken about this story yet!

We will keep you posted!

Angelina Jolie ‘BLOCKS’ Brad Pitt After He Bombards Her With Calls And Texts!

Wow she really does want to get back with her!

It’s been reported that Angelina Jolie has been forced to block her former husband Brad Pitt after he keeps on sending her messages and phone calls!

As we have been telling you Brad has found the a divorce really really hard and it seems he just can’t leave his former wife along!

source told Us Weekly magazine: 

“Angelina has blocked all incoming text messages and also Brad’s numbers.”

Wow she really Disney want nothing at all to do with him. 

What so you think??

Former Towie Star Abigail Clarke Planning “Rip Removal Surgery” So She Can Have Lipo!

Talk about mad!

With most of the Towie Stars admitting to having Plastic Surgery now Abi Clarke is taking it to the next level.

Abi who hadn’t been on the show for a few years now is planning a reality show come back but is having work done before that!

Abi has said they she is having Lipo suction and even going to have her rips removed.

A source has told the Mirror:

“She’s absolutely scared – and is worried it’s going to go wrong, especially with her ribs”

Abi is having the surgery to get back on the ITVBe show and admitted that she is doing everything she can to get back on TV.

She also admitted that she feels she needs the perfect ft body to look as good as the other younger cast members!

The source continued:

“She feels she needs to do this though, she thinks she needs to prove herself. She believes people think she’s a has-been, that she’s lost it, that she’s old news. “

That is going too far.

To have even thought about having this done is too much but too do it to get on TV is even worse.

Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Spotted In New York But Have Nothing To Say And The Brangalina Breakup!

Over the weekend Jennifer Aniston and her hubby Justin Theroux where spotted out in New Your!

The pair looked very much in love as they walked out of their hotel hand in hand.

As we told you last week Jennifer flew out from El to New York to excape the mass media attention that’s going on about the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce.

It’s seems like the media attention followed them Becuase the pair have refused hit speak to photographers about the divorce.

Justin was spotted arriving in New York on Friday and he also refused to speak too.

They just want to be left along and don’t want media following them around!

Justin Bieber Angers Fans As He Tells Them “They Suck”

He has millions of fans world wide but now it looks like Justin Bieber might be losing some of them!

The singer was photographed and videoed out recently when his fans where told that “they sucked” by the singer.

The Sorry singer, who is currently travelling around Europe on his Purpose World Tour, refused to give some fans the time of day as he visited Norway with his entourage.

In the video uploaded to Instagram you can hear Bieber say:

“You guys suck”

That’s so not good for Bieber!

Just awful especially when people wait hours too see him.