Hollyoaks Actor Charlie Clapham Photographed Snorting White Powder In New Video!

Hollyoaks actor Charlie Clapham has been filmed snoring white powder in new online video!

Charlie who plays Freddie Roscoe in the popular soap allegedly invited friends back to his hotel room for an all night party after a public appearance Zinc Bar in Taunton, Somerse.

The clip what had end sold to The Sun shows Charlie bending over at a table sniffing white powder wearing a baseball cap and a black shirt.

A female was also spotted in the background of the video laying on a bed.

The friends at the party have told The Sun:

“There must have been about four boxes of canisters for balloons. They were all doing balloons and just laughing and being silly”

It’s been said that Charlie spent the night in the VIP area of the club surrounded by vodka and champagne.

Charlie it his management have not spoken about this story yet!

We will keep you posted!

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