Naomi Campbell Caught Up In Another Assault Scandal!


Ohh goodness!

Naomi Campbell has been involved in another assault scandal!

The model has reportedly got in a tussle over a phone with a former member of her PR team this is simular to her other four court rulings against her following attacks on employees!

Campbell apparently left a 26-year-old publicist with a bruised face after believing he was tipping off the paparazzi following her foot operation at the end of last year.

The victim was taken off Naomi’s books before the altercation after it was believed that he had gotten “too close” to the client!

Also Naomi suspended Bell Pottinger employee after she believed that Bell had been letting the paparazzi know her whereabouts to tip them off.

The DailyMail has now reported:

“At the time, Naomi had had an operation and was in a wheelchair or on crutches, and the photographers seemed to know where she’d be. She wanted to get the phone off the PR man because he was texting in her presence and she grabbed it. There was no fight as such and she has absolutely no idea how he got a bruised face. He seemed to be a bit of a Walter Mitty character, a fantasist. He was always boasting about his colorful background. He might well have been flirtatious. He started to get addicted to the lifestyle. His head got turned by the bright lights and celebrity and he became a bit delusional. She doesn’t recognize his account of events at all. She does regret snatching the mobile phone because she was a bit paranoid about being followed by paparazzi, but she has no idea about him receiving any injuries.”

Since this happened Naomi sacked Miss Pottinger as her publicists and returned to the care of PR pro Alan Edwards.

Something very weird going on there!

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