Pregnant Stephanie Davis Baffles Fans After She Is Photographed With A Flat Stomach!


Stephanie Davis has faced a barrage of questions from fans after sharing a photo on Snapchat of herself in a tight fitting dress showing off her ‘flat stomach’ even though she is pregnant and is due to give birth in January.

The former Hollyoaks star who is currently on holiday in Spain, and faced lots of questions from fans after it look’s like she hasnt got a baby bump in the picture.

One person tweeted Stephanie and said:

‘Ummmm @Stephdavis77 where’s your baby? #fit’

Another said:

‘Cannot actually deal with Stephanie davis’s bump, why is it huge in some pics and non existent in others?!

That Twitter user isn’t the only one to say that.

When you look back at her photos you can really see the bum in some but can’t in the others.

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