Day: September 27, 2016

Katie Price Talks About Her Sex Life And Admits One Of Her Ex’s Was So BIG He Would Give Her Cystitis

Katie Price Talks About Her Sex Life And Admits One Of Her Ex's Was So BIG He Would Give Her Cystitis

WOW talk about too much information.

Katie Price is no stranger to talking about sex but now the star has opened up even more about the things that she get’s up too and what she has gotten up to under the sheets.

Katie who’s currently on tour talking about her life has admitted too threesoms, willy so big that it gave her cystitis and plenty plenty more.

Talking on Monday night Price admitted that she had a drunkedn threesom with a woman.

She said:

“I have had time with a woman, not a relationship, but only when I am drunk, never sober.

“You know when you’re with your mates like in a room, mucking about, like the playboy mansion.”

When host of the show Rob McGibbon asked her about her experiences she said:

“Oh I dunno, f*** off!”

She really did admit so much last night and she also spoke about her ex Peter Andre so make sure you have a read about that HERE.

Andrea McLean Thanks Loose Women Viewers For Their Support As She Recovers From Hysterectomy


It was only last week that Andrea McLean annouced that she was having to have a hysterectomy and today she appeared on the show via video link to thanks Loose Women viewers for their support.

The brunette beauty said during the video:

“Hi everyone, I’m home now and I just wanted to say a big thank you for your lovely messages.

“I’m outside, I’m on my favourite place in the whole world which is my porch so I’m sure that’ll help me get better very quickly. I’ll be watching, see you soon!”

We are so glad that she is feeling better and that she is doing well.

Andrea said that week that she will need about a month off so we still have a little more time until we see her back on TV but it’s good to know that she is doing fine.

Zoe Ball Talks About Why She Can’t Stop Crying Over Splitting For Her Husband Norman Cook


Zoe Ball has admitted that she has been crying this week due to the breakup of her 17 years marriage to Norman Cook.

The TV presenter has seemed fine this week as she returned to work host Strictly Come Dancing after show It Takes Two but that hasnt been true.

Talking on the show tonight she said:

“We have to talk about Daisy Lowe and Aljaz Skorjanec’s waltz. It made me cry, I have to say!”

Does that mean that she has been crying over her relationship break down even though over the weekend she admitted that she was glad her marriage was over.

Lady Gaga Supports Her Pal Melvin Odoom And Is Helping Him To Win Strictly Come Dancing


It’s looking like Lady Gaga is about to become a dance teacher.

One of Gaga’s friends Melvin Odoom is currently starring on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing but now it’s been said that she is doing all what she can to get her friend to win the show!

The radio DJ admitted that Gaga has been helping him to win the show during a interview.

Talking on It Takes Two tonight he said:

“[Gaga] said, ‘Turn your phone off’ – which is fair enough. Then she said ‘Shut your mind off from everything going on’ – which again is fair enough. But then she said I should act like a ninja…
“I have no idea what that means!”

Humm we never knew that he had such a famous friend.

If anyone is a good dance teacher it’s Gaga.

He really should listen to the queen on music.

Hilary Duff Confirms Relationship With Jason Walsh!!


It’s looking like someone is love!!

Hilary Duff has confirmed her relationship to hunk Jason Walsh!

The former child star finally confirmed the relationship during a interview after the pair have been spotted out holding hands but she had never confirmed that they where an item.

Talking during a interview she said:

“We have [found a little ‘like’ with each other]. We’ve known each other for a really long time and he’s a great guy and we have a lot of fun together. It’s nice to have that excitement in my life.”

It’s nice to know that she is happy with someone since her split from her ex-husband Mike Comrie in 2015.

They really do make such a good couple.

Marnie Simpson Shows Off Her New Berry Hair Colour On Instagram!

Marnie Simpson Shows Off Her New Berry Hair Colour On Instagram!

It look’s great!!

Marnie Simpson has decided to dye her hair a berry colour and we have to say it really does suit her.

In the photo that Marnie is posing in a racy leotard showing off the new hair and the same lip colour to match.

She look’s amazing and the hair is great just as she is about to hit our screens again at the end of October for the return of the new series of Geordie Shore!