Amber Rose Talks About How Online Bullies Affect Her

Amber Rose Talks About How Online Bullies Affect Her

She may come across a hard cookie but deep down she’s far from it.

Amber Rose has been talking how being ‘ridiculed constantly’ online has affected her and it simply really does hurt her!

Talking on a special slut-shaming based edition of her TV show on Monday night the tattooed beauty defended women who felt they’d been ‘slut shamed’.

She said:

‘Woman get bullied constantly for things that we didn’t do, or things that we did do, things that we were very comfortable doing,’

She continued:

‘Shaming is out of control, from slut shaming to body shaming to victim blaming,’ she added.

‘I get ridiculed constantly,’ she said, of her battles with internet trolls.

‘I get harassed so much in the club…it doesn’t matter what I have on..they’ll kind of like go underneath and like grab my ass, girls and guys,’

Then Amber started talking about when people have accused her of being a ‘gold digger

she said:

‘What they’re really saying is the guy that you’re with is stupid as f***, like I can take advantage of him and take all his money, use him as much as I possibly can…but they’re not looking at the guy’.

‘What’s the difference between being a gold digger and having standards?’

At the end of the day if you’re in the public eye it’s something that she is just going to have to put up with.

People always have something to say so there is no escaping from it!

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