Gigi Hadid’s Street Pranker Pranks Kim Kardashian Watch HERE!!

Gigi Hadid's Street Pranker Pranks Kim Kardashian Watch HERE!!

Last week we told you about Gigi Hadid was left shaken after a online pranker Vitali Sediuk, decided to pick her up at Milan Fashion Week.

Now Vitali has decided to pick on Kim Kardashian by trying to kiss her bottom.

Thankfully Kim’s security team decided to act on the pranker unlike Gigi’s who thought he was a friend of the models.

In the video of the footage you can see Vitali bending over right near Kim’s ass as he tries to give it a kiss but her security soon jump to get the idiot out of the way.

It seem’s Kimmy is thankful for her security as after the event she took to Twitter to say:

‘My security @PascalDuvier is a G’

He sure is Kim!

He keeps her safe at the end of the day and that’s all she needs.

Have a look at the moment the pranker tried to kiss that famous ass below.

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