Is Luke Pasqualino Cheating On Perrie Edwards Already?

Is Luke Pasqualino Cheating On Perrie Edwards Already?


It seem’s like Perrie Edwards may have fallen for a bad boy again!

Perry and her new boyfriend Luke Pasqualino seemed the perfect couple but now they have been hit with cheating rumors.

The pair who have only been seeing each other for a number of months may have ended it already as Luke has been spotted with another women recently.

Rumors are saying that Luke hooked up with a girl in Manchester when he was filming with TV show Snatch with Rupert Grint.

A source has reported to the Mirror today:

“It’s common knowledge around his circle of friends that she’s keen on him but he just wants to date and is focusing on his career at the moment.

“One friend in particular has been telling people he’s been getting with another girl and others have been shocked about how open they’ve been about it.”

Since the rumors where published there has been no evidence that he had been cheating on her but there has been more rumors like this on Twitter.

Marina, who uses the handle @mototwink112, tweeted recently:

“Luke is cheating on Perrie with another girl in Manchester. His friends find it hilarious.”

The Mirror contacted Luke’s agent for a response but they refused!

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